Open Studio

Bring your own art and supplies and work in creative surroundings. See what others are doing and let them see your project as well. Come for painting, drawing, sketching, etc. Great practice, great companionship, wonderful time with creating and friendship.

Hope you will think about joining us!

Open Studio with Clothed Model on 1st Sunday
Faciliated by Pepper Hume

Great opportunity to draw from life. Bring your own supplies and paint, draw, sketch or sculpt with a live, clothed model.

Why draw from life? "There is something crucial that can only be captured fully when working from life: the essence of a person, place or thing. Some artists are so experienced that they can create posthumous portraits from photos and still capture that person's essence, but only because they have put in many hours of practice before a live model. I find that many of my life studies say more about the model's personality than paintings done from photos. I am also acutely aware of the model's physical and emotional presence while I'm working, making me empathize with them even more. I ask the question, "How can I make this portrait special? What is the model's story, as told by artist Anna Rose Bain?"" -Anna Rose Bain, in FineArtViews

2 – 5 pm, $10 per session

5 artists minimum in order to pay the model. RSVP to by the Wednesday before. If there are less than 5 artists the open studio will be cancelled until the next month. You will be notified if the open studio is on or not.

To sign up or ask a question email

Open Studio for Any Media on Wednesdays

Bring you own art supplies. All media are welome. Free!
Cheryl Bryan, our facilitator, will be available to answer questions.