Membership Information

Membership to the Bartlesville Art Association is open at any time. Your membership runs for one year from the date your registration is received.

Join and take advantage of a great opportunity to learn and enjoy the fellowship of local artists and admirers of art.

Membership Registration

Click to join the Bartlesville Art Association and pay online or by mail.

Membership Fees

Student - through High School Free
Public School Art Teacher Free
Adult $30
Family $40
Sustaining $75 - 99*
Patron $100 or more*
*That portion of membership payment which exceeds applicable Adult or Family basic rate is tax-deductible.

Membership fees run for one calendar year from the date the registration is received.
Members can enroll in a free "Art 101" art class, receive newsletters, get special member rates, and participate in member shows.

If you have any questions, contact Valerie Jones at