Upcoming Workshops at BAA

Wet & Workable: Flowers & Still Life Watercolor Workshop with Jeanne Hyland - Sept 17-20

Plein Air Workshop with Cris Sundquist - October 6

Abstract Painting Workshop with Chris Westfall - November 10

Upcoming Classes at BAA

The Power of Two: Sky and Land Cristine Sundquist Oil/Acrylics Class - Oct 3 - Nov 7

Clay Class with Sgraffito Technique - Morning or Evening with Sheetal Kulkarni - Oct. 5

Ongoing Weekly and Monthly Classes

Tuesdays - Fine Art Classes with Valerie Jones

Wednesdays - Open Studio

Thursdays - Watercolor Painting for Beginners with Martha Reyburn

1st Sundays - Live Model Session


"Wet & Workable: Flowers and Still Life" - Jeanne Hyland Watercolor Workshop

Discover what transparent and opaque wet glazing on saturated paper can achieve in depth, richness and luminosity. This also creates relaxed working time and rich color. Learn to manage moisture in your brush, paint and paper and balance it with appropriate timing on wet, moist and dry paper to uncover the tremendous flexibility of watercolor including reworking or finishing stalled paintings. Start with intuitive paint application or blocking in large shapes and values and then lift or sculpt out of it then glaze and layer. Paint your light values back in and achieve rich, dimensional, flower portraits or still lifes. You can easily get loose, flowing color, soft edges as well as crisp details. Paint your favorite floral, still life, or other subject.

We will work from a supplied photo—or bring your own 8x10 photo(s). Materials list and one project will be provided. This is a hands-on class, for all levels.

Jeanne Hyland teaches lively and popular workshops in her unique flexible “Wet & Workable” method taking the rushed feeling out of watercolor. Jeanne is known for her remarkable colorful portraits, expressive floral and still life paintings. She paints her subjects with passion and vibrant colors. She also has a series of instructional DVDs available.

Offered: Monday-Thursday, September 17-20, 2018, 9 am – 4 pm (1-hour lunch)
Cost: $340 BAA members, $370 non-members

Register: PAY ONLINE HERE or send email bartlesvilleartassociation@gmail.com

"Plein Air Workshop " - Cris Mercurio Sundquist

Ever feel overwhelmed by subject matter when painting outside? We all have! So much beauty! Not only will we cover the basic issues of outdoor painting, I will teach you how to simplify your subject matter. You will learn to make choices that convey your vision.

Class Time: 8am-4pm
Class Dates: Saturday October 6
All ages high school and older, all experience levels welcome. Oil or acrylics
Cost: $70
To Register: email bartlesvilleartassociation@gmail.com

About Cris Sundquist: I am very direct and enthusiastic in my teaching. I love to interact and find out where you want to go with your work. You will receive a lot of one on time will plenty of feedback that will help you accomplish your painting goals.
More about Cristine Sundquist:

"Abstract Acrylics" - Chris Westfall

Chris Westfall will teach a one-day Abstract workshop for Acrylics.

Offered: November 10, 2018
Cost: $105 for BAA members

Register: Email bartlesvilleartassociation@gmail.com, to enroll or ask a question.

Upcoming Classes

"The Power of Two: Sky and Land, Oil/Acrylics Class" - Cris Mercurio Sundquist

In this course we will go in depth learning how to paint cloud formations and skies at different times of the day as well as the use of color to create atmosphere. Not all skies have to be blue! During the land classes we will cover effective ways to create space and give your paintings impact. I will show you how to create believable and pleasing sky/land relationships. This is a 4hr class with the last hour being lunch/group critique. Bring a snack or sack lunch. Wednesdays 9-1pm
All levels
Ages Adults (includes high school age)

Sundquist, an oil painter from Independence, KS, will teach this workshop focusing on general landscape painting catering to individual needs. We already love her because she painted one of our carousel horses this past spring. Check out her artwork at cristinesundquist.com.

Offered: 10/3/18-11 through 11/7/18
Oil or Acrylics. All levels welcome. Cost: $240

Register: Email bartlesvilleartassociation@gmail.com

About Cristine Sundquist: "When I teach I feel that the one-one attention is paramount. Each person has different goals and challenges. I won't throw a blanket of info over the class and hope they get something out of it - I will make sure everyone does. My second priority is that we have fun doing it!" See her work at http://www.cristinesundquist.com.

"Clay Class with Sgraffito Technique - Morning OR Evening Class" - Sheetal Kulkarni

It’s Halloween time .. we will be doing simple "Sgraffito" carving on bowl. Day of dead skulls will be our theme or you can explore with your own design. We will do simple bowl by draping clay slab on mold. Once it’s settled we will apply slip and carve design. This will be one class session. Note: This class will run 2 1/2 to 3 hr.

Sheetal Kulkarni's award-winning work can be seen at Instagram/onthefence

"Hand building" is working with clay using only simple tools, not the pottery wheel. Before potters had the wheel, they were creating beautiful pots and clay forms using clay, their hands and fingers, and basic hand tools.

Class Time: Morning OR Evening class, one day only. Friday morning, 10am - 1:00pm OR 6:00pm - 9:00pm.
Class Dates: Oct. 5
Cost: $55, includes all supplies, tools, clay and glaze.
All levels welcome from beginner to advanced. All ages high school and older.

Register: Online at https://squareup.com/store/on-the-fence OR email onthefenceart@gmail.com.

Ongoing Weekly & Monthly Classes


"Fine Art Classes" - Valerie Jones

Valerie Jones teaches fine art classes at the Design Center on Tuesday mornings. She teaches art techniques at the skill level of the individual. The fun part is you get to choose your medium! She welcomes drawing with graphite or colored pencil and painting with acrylic, oils, or watercolors. No previous experience is necessary. Join anytime.

Class Time: Tuesday mornings, 10 am - noon
Class Dates: Weekly
Cost: $20/week (plus a $10 art supply fee if you do not bring you own supplies)

Register: Contact Valerie Jones at valeriejonesart@gmail.com. or visit her website at ValerieJonesArt.com


Open Studio for Any Media on Wednesdays

Bring you own art supplies in any media and your own project. Work in creative surroundings. See what others are doing and let them see your project as well.
Free for BAA members!

Cheryl Bryan, our facilitator, will be available to answer questions.

Great practice, great companionship, wonderful time with creating and friendship.


"Watercolor Painting for Beginners" - Martha Reyburn

Martha Reyburn teaches a weekly watercolor class at the Design Center on Thursdays. Finish a painting in two hours! – it's fun and you will learn your own style.

Class Time: Thursday, 1 pm - 3 pm
Class Dates: Weekly
Cost: $20 per class. All supplies are included.

Register: Contact Martha Reyburn at marthareyburn@gmail.com.


Live Model Session

Faciliated by Pepper Hume

Due to Labor Day holiday, the next Live Model Session will be Sunday, September 9 from 3-5 p.m.

We start with some 5 minute sketches to loosen up, and then go to one or two longer poses for the remainder of time. We draw or paint for 20 minutes followed by a short break, and continue that pattern of working till our time expires. We can take photos of the model so we can continue work later. Bring your own supplies and work in any medium.

5 artists minimum in order to pay the model. RSVP to bartlesvilleartassociation@gmail.com by the Wednesday before. Deadline to RSVP: Wednesday September 5.
$10 fee.
3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Looking for KIDS CLASSES? Info is HERE.